The record companies have become obsolete. They only ever really existed to make money. They are, have been and always will exist just to make as much profit to their stockholders and owners. I am looking for new and creative positive ways to keep on releasing my own music on my own terms. Without a record company.

Being a big fan of great sounding records, it has become increasingly difficult to release music the way I am used to. It costs money to make high quality albums.

Today I own all rights to all my three solo albums: Classical Variations and Other Themes, Hymn To Life and Saana-Warrior of Light pt1. I have taken these out from all the streaming services. In the upcoming months I will release them again as remastered 24 bit versions with some cool bonus stuff. All this only from my website

I am about to release a new acoustic album called “Renaissance Acoustica”. It is a collection of songs I have composed for Stratovarius.


  • Winter
  • The Land of Ice and Snow
  • Season of Faith's Perfection
  • Key to the Universe
  • Coming Home
  • Celestial Dream
  • Before the Winter
  • 4000 Rainy Nights
  • Forever

It has also bonus tracks from Hymn to Life and Classical Variations and Other Themes as remastered versions:

  • Key to the Universe (Michael Kiske)
  • Are You the One? (Sharon Den Adel)
  • Lord of the Rings

The versions are not always following the originals, we have in fact, created something quite new. It will also have some bonus tracks from Hymn To Life and Classical Variations and Other Themes.

I have self financed this album from my own money. I have worked very hard to make it as an enjoyable experience and I do hope you all like it as much as we do.

The album is available from my website exclusively and the release date is 13th of February 2023.

It is available as high quality 24 bit wav files that you can download to your devices. Phones, laptops and computers. These file have much better sound quality than any of the streaming services has and far better sound quality than 16-bit CD has.

For example Spotify player allows you to download your own files into it so you can use that app for listening to my music you have downloaded from my website.

To be able to listen to this album, I am utilizing a system called “Pay What You Want”. It really is exactly what it says. To be able to listen to this album, you just need to fill in your credit/debit card or PayPal details and after that you decide what you want to pay for this and then you complete your purchase and you will be taken to a special place to download the album including the artwork and bonus material.

We are not asking any information from you. No email address etc. We are not keeping any of your data anywhere.

I do want to say that all the income from this goes directly to my company. There is no record company in between. What you want to pay is entirely up to you. I hope you will able to support me and my music in the years to come in this way. All your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your amazing support in the last 30 years or so and I hope many more years to come.

Yours Sincerely and thank You, Timo Tolkki

All rights reserved.
2023 © Timo Tolkki